//4 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

4 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

In the cold winter, nothing is quite as satisfying as a cup of hot coffee. Especially when you're like me and you're already tired of the 30 degree mornings and can't wait for spring - or better yet - summer.

So to get you through the final stretch of winter, here are 4 ways to beat the winter blues:

  1. Work on a Do-it-Yourself project with friends! Make a dry-erase calendar from paint samples, revamp your old bulletin board, or spend some time on Pinterest for more ideas.
  2. Enjoy a nice cup of coffee or tea paired with a good read. Whether it's a magazine or a new book, there's nothing more relaxing than sipping on a warm drink while falling into the pages of a book. Check Amazon for some great reads at a great price.
  3. Bake your heart out. What's more fun than baking and then getting to enjoy the delicious result of your baking skills after? Need some ideas? My personal favorites are crepes filled with nutella and fruit, dark chocolate brownies topped with ice cream, and these blackberry pie bars.
  4. Be bright. Just because it's cold and dreary outside doesn't mean you have to dress like it is! Wearing bright colors will instantly brighten you up in the winter and make you feel a little bit happier. Try bright-colored nail polish, a pop of color in your shoes, or a fun top.


All the above will surely make your winter go by a little bit quicker.

Have some more tips? Leave them in the comments below! 

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