5 Must-Haves from the Oh Joy! for Target Collection

5 must-haves from the Oh Joy! for Target collection

If you're in need of some party-perfect items or even just fun decor for your home, Target may just be your one-stop shop this year.

Target has partnered with three of Pinterest's most influential Pinners to create a series of limited-time-only party planning collections.

First on the list is Joy Cho, author of Oh Joy!. The collection launched online and in stores on March 16 and has been causing a frenzy ever since. Joy's collection is inspired by a modern garden party and includes just about everything from fun banners and sparkly party hats. Items in the collection range from $3 to $25.

In addition to Joy Cho, Jan Halvarson of Poppytalk and Kate Arends of Wit & Delight will launch their collections with Target in June and September, respectively.

Not sure what to grab from the collection? Here are 5 must-haves from the Oh Joy! for Target collection:

1. Hooray Banner, $5

Because having a "hooray" banner reminds you to always celebrate the little (and big) things.

2. Removable Decal Large Confetti Dots, $10 for 12-count

Having confetti is always a good thing, but having large confetti dot decals on your wall? It's like a party all the time!

Oh Joy! for Target

3. Salad Bowl, $15

A pretty scalloped-edge salad bowl should be on everyone's must-have list. You need a pretty bowl for your salad, fruit, popcorn, etc.

Oh Joy! for Target

4. Cutlery, $4 (30-ct) / Printed Napkins, $3 (20-ct) / Printed Rectangle Plates, $3 (10-ct)

Technically, these items may be three separate things, but I've grouped them into "party-ware." Impress your friends and family with paper plates, napkins, and cutlery in bright and happy colors.

Oh Joy! for Target

5. Goblet Cups, $4 (4-ct)

In addition to party-ware, you absolutely need some great cups that are fun and fool-proof.

Oh Joy! for Target

Photos courtesy of Target

Shop the full collection online or in stores. 

Have you shopped the collection yet? What are you favorite items?

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Target’s Next Designer Collab Launches Sunday: Peter Pilotto for Target

Jump straight into spring fashion and make a statement with Target's latest designer collaboration: Peter Pilotto for Target.

The men behind the London-based fashion brand are Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos. In December 2009, fashion brand Peter Pilotto was awarded the best emerging talent award at the British Fashion Awards.

The Peter Pilotto for Target collection will include 70 pieces, ranging from dresses and skirts, swimwear, and accessories. Most of the pieces will also cost less than $60, making the collection happily affordable.

Bold graphic prints, different silhouettes, and an explosion of complementary and contrasting colors make up the highly anticipated collection. If you ever had trouble with mixing prints, the Peter Pilotto for Target collection has got you covered. It's fun, beautiful, and bold - a perfect combo for spring fashion.

Peter Pilotto for Target will be available in Target stores (in the U.S. and Canada) on Sunday, February 9. You can also shop it online at Target.com and Net-a-Porter.com starting Sunday. Net-a-Porter will carry a curated assortment of the collection.

Peter Pilotto for Target Lookbook

Peter Pilotto for Target Lookbook

Peter Pilotto for Target Lookbook

Peter Pilotto for Target Lookbook


All photos courtesy of Target

Take a look at the full lookbook on Fashionista.com.

What are you planning to get your hands on when the Peter Pilotto for Target collection makes its debut?

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Gourmet Cheese Shop Fromagerie Sophie Brings a Little Piece of Paris to SLO

Right in the heart of San Luis Obispo, Calif., you'll find a new gourmet cheese shop that is bringing a little bit of the beauty (and delicious-ness!) of France to SLO.

Fromagerie Sophie (French for "Sophie's Cheese Shop") isn't just a cheese shop. It's a gourmet cheese shop that offers cheeses and other select items from around the world. Sophie Boban-Doering opened Fromagerie Sophie just a couple of months ago in November 2013.

Walking into the gourmet cheese shop, you'll notice a glass case filled with an amazing selection of cheese, charcuterie, olives, pates, and other select items. Each cheese has a placard that has a little bit of info about the cheese: the name, where it's imported from, a brief description of the cheese, the price per pound, and a beer/wine pairing.

If you're new to cheese or already just an avid lover of great cheese, Fromagerie Sophie will satisfy you. Their staff is friendly and knowledgeable about the products they offer. They will help you explore their offerings with samples and provide suggestions for what may tickle your taste buds.

While you'll find cheese imported from all over the world (Italy, France and Switzerland, to name just a few countries), Fromagerie Sophie also offers cheeses from local creameries.

Fromagerie Sophie SLO

Selection of Cheese at Fromagerie Sophie
During my first visit to Fromagerie Sophie, my friend and I were welcomed by a friendly staff member who quickly asked us if we would like to try a sample. What's great about Fromagerie Sophie is that you don't need to worry about knowing what kind of cheese you're looking for. You can wander in, have a lovely conversation with a staff member, experience the cheese, and walk out knowing a little bit more about cheese with a delicious cheese in hand.

The first cheese I tried at Fromagerie Sophie was Brillat Savarin-Plasse from France (seen below). I don't know how else to describe it besides simply saying that it was amazing. The Brillat Savarin-Plasse is a triple cream cheese with a hint of nuttiness that is very light and extremely creamy. It happily melted in my mouth and I could imagine spreading it on a baguette slice and eating it all the time. (I wish I was kidding).

I then tried a sample of Shallots Confit (also seen below). I loved these. The shallots confit were sweet with a hint of tartness. Sandy, an employee at Fromagerie Sophie, suggested pairing the shallots confit with cheese and a baguette.

My first visit to Fromagerie Sophie was also the first time I tried pâté. I tried two types of pâté and I was pleasantly surprised by the flavor and texture of both. I am now a pâté lover.

Overall, there is no doubt I will be visiting Fromagerie Sophie to pick up some cheese, pâté, a baguette, and maybe everything else.

Fromagerie Sophie SLO

Wander into 1129 Garden St. in San Luis Obispo, CA and experience a little bit of France with a great selection of delicious cheeses and a friendly staff. The fromagerie is open Monday through Saturday from 10 am - 6 pm.

Happy cheesing! 

xx, Leila

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Worth Visiting: Scout Coffee Co. in San Luis Obispo, CA

Hi everyone! I'm introducing something new on chicisms. As someone who loves fashion and is a self-proclaimed foodie, I couldn't keep myself from not writing about food. That's why I've decided to begin incorporating my food adventures into chicisms. I hope you enjoy!

If there was ever a coffee shop to fall in love with, it would be Scout Coffee Co. in San Luis Obispo, CA. The employees here are friendly and obviously love their coffee, the atmosphere is open and inviting, the coffee is delicious, and the branding as well as the interior design is beautiful.

Scout Coffee just opened in downtown SLO yesterday and it is, without a doubt, my new favorite coffee spot. Everything is absolutely lovely about this local coffee shop and their cappuccino brightened my morning.

The specialty coffee shop is owned and operated by husband and wife team Jon and Sara Peterson. In addition to the delicious Verve coffee Scout offers, you'll find  teas, milkshakes, house made sodas, and homemade baked goods.

You can visit Scout at 1130 Garden St., San Luis Obispo, CA  93401.

Scout Coffee SLO

Scout Coffee SLO

Scout Coffee San Luis Obispo

If you're looking for good coffee and a great atmosphere, I suggest Scout Coffee Co. Let me know what you think of it!




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Influenster’s Jolly VoxBox Review

The Jolly VoxBox is holiday cheer in a box thanks to Influenster. I was  lucky enough to receive the jolly box and am excited to share with you what was inside in addition to my thoughts on the products!

In case you're wondering... Influenster is an exclusive online community of "tastemakers and trendsetters" who get to share their thoughts about products and experiences. Members can receive access to deals and VoxBoxes (boxes filled with special items that match their interests and what they're influential about).

And let the un-boxing begin!

Influenster Jolly VoxBox

Puffs Ultra Soft & Strong To Go Tissue Pack 

You never know when you will need a tissue. That's where Puffs' to-go tissue pack comes in. This cute package filled with super soft and strong tissues is a great on-the-go companion when you need it. Pick up a single pack to throw in your purse, car, or elsewhere, for $0.49.

NYC New York Color HD Color Trio Eyeshadow in Long Beach Sands:

NYC Eyeshadow

This is a great choice for eyeshadow if you're looking for one on a budget! Each shade complements the other nicely and makes for a nice combination on your eyelids.

Find it on drugstore.com for $2.70.

Rimmel London NEW Show Off Lip Lacquer in Luna:

Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer

Rimmel describes this product as "neither a lipstick nor a gloss... It's BIGGER than both!" I'm not really sure what that is supposed to mean, but basically, this product has the color of lipstick with the smooth shine of lip gloss. While the lip stick/gloss went on smoothly and wasn't sticky, the color I received (Luna) was not pretty. It was a shade of orange and did not look good on me. However, the lip lacquer felt smooth on my lips. I can't tell you how long it lasted because I wiped it right off (orange is just not my color!).

Find it for $5.49 - 5.99 at drugstores.

Skinny Cow Candy:

Skinny Cow Chocolates

I can never get enough of good chocolate so receiving a box of Skinny Cow Divine Filled Chocolates in Peanut Butter Creme from Influenster was the best surprise. I had low expectations for this chocolate but I was happily surprised with how delicious the Skinny Cow chocolates actually are!

They're not too sweet and the peanut butter filling is deliciously creamy and a great complement to the chocolate. Want to know what's even better? Each pouch is only 130 calories!

If you are looking for low-calorie, delicious chocolate, I suggest you grab a box (or a few!) of Skinny Cow Candies! A box of the Skinny Cow Divine Filled Chocolates include six pouches and each pouch includes 3 chocolates. You can find them for $3.99/box or $1.99/single bar or pouch.

Ducklings Mini Rolls:

I'm already obsessed with these Mini Ducklings rolls of duct tape. The one I received was blue and patterned with white hibiscus flowers. These Ducklings are too cute and are a great product to use when taping or decorating. You can get a Mini Duckling for yourself for $2-$3.

Duck Tape Mini Ducklings


Have you tried any of these products? What did you think? Share with me in the comments below! Then, take a look at other VoxBoxes I've received from Influenster: the Varsity VoxBox and Spring Fever VoxBox.

Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. Other than the products received, I am not compensated in any way. The opinions in this post are honest and entirely my own.

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