//H&M Will Recycle Your Clothes

H&M Will Recycle Your Clothes

In exchange for your old clothes, Swedish clothier H&M will give you a discount on a future purchase.

H&M is launching a global initiative to encourage shoppers to recycle the clothes they no longer wear instead of throwing them in the trash. The retailer has said that as much as 95% of the clothes people would throw away can be used again.

Beginning in February 2013, customers will be able to bring in used clothing from any brand and H&M will accept clothing in "any condition," according to the LA  Times. In return for your used clothing, you'll receive a voucher for a future purchase. So basically, feel good about recycling your clothing, come back to H&M to buy more clothes and use your voucher, and recycle more clothes.

H&M is partnering with a global recycling company, I:Collect, who will then handle the recycled clothes at a sorting plant in Germany. There, the clothing will be separated for re-use for more apparel or for other products such as cleaning rags, padding, and more.

The retailer has said that it's long-term goal is to "reduce the environmental impact of garments throughout the lifecycle," as stated in the Los Angeles Times.

Now might be a good time to begin cleaning out your closet to separate the clothes you love and wear from the clothes that you don't really think you'd wear again.

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