//Pretty Little Liars Breakdown: Season 3, Episode 7

Pretty Little Liars Breakdown: Season 3, Episode 7

My guilty pleasure? Pretty Little Liars. I love trying to figure out what's really going on in this crazy, roller coaster ride of a show, so I'm offering a recap and my thoughts on season 3's episode 7 (which aired July 24). You can probably expect more from me as the season goes on, so stay tuned!

But just a heads up, spoiler alert! Read at your own risk. Keep reading for more!

In the creepiest episode yet, we discover a new character, Hanna decodes Mona's code (who would have thought), and we find more creepy dolls.

CeCe is in town and she reminds the Little Liars a little too much of Ali. This blonde new girl already know everything about the four girls from what Ali has previously told her so we can be sure that the girls will be crossing paths with her in the future. Especially since CeCe already threatened Jenna, telling her she'd "scratch her eyes out" if she doesn't get off Nate. Quite a threat for a girl who recently (or not so recently)  was cured of blindness.

Talk about creepy, scary looking dadsAli's dad is back in town and still dislikes Hanna more than ever just because she told him that Ali was still alive, but they found her body three days later. He seems a little too harsh on Hanna though.

Mona plays with dolls. (But we already know that thanks to A's text a few episodes back when she let the girls know she played with people). Hanna and Aria sneak into Radley after hours to try to confront Mona, but they just end up losing her. They find that she broke into the "Children's Ward" (creepy already) with the pair of tweezers Hanna left last time. She's found brushing a doll's head of empty hair and Hanna realizes she's talking to her in the code Mona taught her when Ali went missing. So what did Mona say and what does it mean?

  • No one to save Ali from evil: Not Safe
  • The last quote included Garret and led the Liars to a website, massugar.com, where there's a photo of Maya asking for the "magic word"

Aria's mom goes on a date with Pastor Ted...um, hello, weren't you just hitting on Hanna's mom? Pastor gets around. Luckily, Ella finds he eats his ice cream like Aria's dad so she end ups with a date with coffee shop owner Zach, a.k.a Emily's boss.

Jason's drunk and crashes his car into another car but Spencer is there to save the day and return him home. But being un-Spence like, she leaves her car - with the door wide open - at the scene of the accident. (What happened to smart Spence?)  This all leads Detective Wilden to her house to question her but Toby, being the good boyfriend he is, covers for her.

In the last scene, we see A unscrewing a doll's head in Radley's children's ward to find a tape recorder where Mona's conversation with Hanna and Aria is saved.

Breaking it down even more... 

  • The only code the show doesn't translate is "Miss Aria, you're a killer, not Ezra's wife" = Maya Knew. But what does Maya know? I want to think that this is the password to the website the Liars come across, but I have a feeling the Liars will get Caleb to hack into it so maybe the password doesn't matter all that much. And why did Mona use the choice of words she did? Could Aria actually be A? I mean, she isn't in as much harm as the other girls and Mona really dislikes her.
  • When Mona was being led away by the nurse in the children's ward, she kept saying "I missed my dolls" and looking at Hanna and Aria. Another code? IMMD. Maybe the password?
  • What is this CeCe doing in Rosewood and how much does she really know?
  • Ever since Nate came to Rosewood, I've been suspicious about him and this episode just makes me think he has something to do with maybe everything. Regarding the earrings in the episode, Nate apparently knew that they were the earrings Emily bought for Maya before she died. But how would he know? Plus, he mentioned that Maya gave Jenna rides home from school sometimes. When did this happen?
  • Why is Jason trying to get hurt or end up in jail? Crashing a car isn't exactly the most fun thing to do.
  • Remember last week when Jason says something to Spence's dad about having more than one sister? Could Ali actually have a sister, or even a twin? That would explain Ali (or a look-a-like) that Hanna saw while playing Ouija in the flashback.
  • I have a feeling that Mona is still working with A, or A is taking control of Mona. Why else would Mona lead them to the children's ward, where A's tape recorder is hiding, and speak to the girls in code so that A wouldn't know?

What do you think?


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