//Pretty Little Liars Season 3, Episode 8 Breakdown

Pretty Little Liars Season 3, Episode 8 Breakdown

Let me begin this post by saying that Aria's peplum dress she wore in the beginning of the episode looked fabulous on her. That is one outfit choice of hers that I completely approve of.

And now for the recap/breakdown after the jump.

Aria finally meets Ezra's mom. We finally meet Mrs. Fitz (um excuse me, Fitzgerald) and she is not the most charming of people. I mean, really, trying to bribe poor Aria to break up with Ezra? But we find out that Ezra's family is extremely wealthy and though Ezra is trying to keep his family away, why couldn't he just ask his family for money when he was struggling? Why the bag of money hiding in the drawer?

Caleb and Spence get slightly cozy as Caleb successfully breaks into Maya's website on his new laptop. I'm also really loving the phrase he used when he told Spence he'd help break into the site because he wants to help crush "the Mona Monster."

  • Key things to notice: He has his new laptop, his new car (that his mom lent him after the crash), and a $400 sweater as Spencer noted. Wasn't his mom's car damaged in the Montecito accident picture "A" texted Hanna? And what's with all this new stuff all of  a sudden?  In the promo for next week's episode, we catch Caleb saying that he's "A" but that can't be right, right? I'm a little confused but Caleb definitely is being pampered by his mother, or got his hands on some serious cash.

Emily loves wandering. Especially "that night."  Paige finally tells Em that she was at her house that night where they rekindled a little fire, or as Paige describes it: "it was like a dream." But then Em decided to leave Paige's house and go who knows where.

  • Jenna found Em on the street and took her in the car until Em decided to jump out. Before or after this, Em was at Paige's house then left again. Could Paige and Jenna be working together? I never got good vibes from Paige anyways.

Creepy men in Rosewood always make an appearance. Aria runs into Bart Comstock - a movie theater employee who Spencer's mom wants to break down so that she can win Garrett's case. Aria makes small talk and questions him about why the police would want to interview him regarding Maya. He seemed a little shaky but said that he just recognized her. But does he know more? All we know is that he saw Maya get into a cop car with Garrett the night she died.

  • Aria says that she always came to movie theater when she was younger but it was always just known as the "movie theater" to her and her friends; not a place with an address. Bart replies "like the church." Like bell tower church where Ian tried to kill Spencer?

Hanna uses big words  to try to convince the board at Radley to let Mona stay instead of her moving to New York and surprisingly, it works. Then Wren and Hanna share a one second congratulatory kiss to celebrate... not sure what to say about this one.

People in Rosewood are really bitter. Both Nate and Paige clearly state that they could kill someone. Nate wants to kill Garret...with his bare hands. Then proceeds to tell Emily that he wouldn't want her to be afraid of him. Because that's very comforting. Then we have Paige wants to kill whoever put the drugs in Emily's flask.


More to note: 

  • When Nate is at the boathouse with Emily, he tells her that Maya liked anything to do with the elements - air, water, fire. Is there some hidden meaning to this?
  • Spencer finds Garrett's case in her mom's purse and discovers that Maya's trachea was crushed by a pipe-like object. Spencer thinks police stick but could that be all? But why was Maya just in the backyard the whole time anyways?
  • Wren mentions that Mona's been slipping drugs to her visitors ... could one of those be Lucas who possibly slipped them into Emily's flask? I wouldn't doubt it. Lucas gets sketchier as the days go on.
  • Probably the most intriguing thing in this episode was found in one of Maya's videos on her site. She said she needed to stop being a coward and needed to face her fears. What fears exactly and did someone help her?

What are your thoughts?


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