Update Your Look With Mixed Prints

//Update Your Look With Mixed Prints

Update Your Look With Mixed Prints

Stop feeling like you don't have enough clothing in your closet (because we all know you have a good amount), and mix it up.

Increase the number of potential outfits in your closet by doing something as simple as mixing prints! It may seem intimidating, but when it's done right, it's beautiful.

If you're feeling a little shy about tackling this daring trend, start small. Tote around a printed handbag with your favorite printed shorts. Or mix your patterned shoes/sandals/heels with a patterned top.

The secret to mixing prints and looking great? Choose pieces (keep it at a maximum of 2) that have a common color or color scheme.

Add a neutral piece to your look to bring it all together for a cohesive, chic look. A neutral-colored jacket, scarf, simple jewelry, or a chambray top can simply pull your look together so that it doesn't look clash-y. (See my outfit below).

Another tip is to mix bold, structured prints with light, small prints. Bold stripes and floral? Perfect. Big polka dots and a light graphic print? Yes. The combinations are endless, so look into your closet and starting mixing and matching!

Other great pairings?

  • Animal on animal. Be careful with this pair so you don't risk looking like a walking zoo. Mix and match a bold, realistic animal print with a smaller, more artistic looking animal print.
  • Stripes and polka dots is a married pair that always looks when mixed.
  • Polka dots with anything, really. 
  • Tweed (textures count!) and stripes. Mixing textures (knits, tweed, etc.) with a pattern can help balance the look.


How to Mix Prints

Outfit Details: 

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