Crafty Chic: Herringbone Bulletin Board

Let's face it: cork boards (and bulletin boards) are boring.

Sure, you can dress them up with pictures, notes, and anything and everything else, but why not bring life to the bulletin board itself? Painting your cork/bulletin board is a great (and cheap!) way to give your board some personality and brighten up your room. I chose to upgrade my boring bulletin board with a painted herringbone pattern:

Want to know more and find out how to make your own? Read on!


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Crafty Chic: Paint Sample Calendar

During the summer, there's nothing I enjoy more than laying outside, taking in the summer rays. But this summer, thanks to my most-visited website: Pinterest, I've been inspired to be a little crafty and make something useful. Because what's more chic than creating something both beautiful and useful that costs less than the actual thing? (Okay, maybe a lot of things, but let's just run with this and call it "crafty chic.")

Here is something that is customizable, reusable, and can cost under $5: a paint sample calendar.

Paint Sample Calendar DIY | Chicisms

Paint Sample Calendar DIY | Chicisms


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